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Buyers Guide: Cross-Trainers

Just as a wholesome breakfast is good for you, so is a wholesome exercise routine.

Ellipital cross trainers are perfect for exercising the whole body. Better still, they do it in a non-impact way. And best of all they do it all at once so you get more benefits in less time. The dual action of the cross trainer arms combined with the foot pedals enable you effectively exercise the main muscle groups together. The foot pedals travel elliptically to mimic normal physical movement so it's the natural way to get a good cardiovascular workout. Exercising upper and lower body in unison quickly raises the heart rate to the optimum level for burning calories to reduce body fat and you get looking toned.

This kind of exercise is good for coordination, helps build bone density to starve off osteoporosis and, because the whole body is involved, it's more fun to do. Plus its small footprint takes up little more space than a regular exercise bike.

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